Start Here: Definitive Guide to Homeschooling

Simply put, is a resource as well as a guide for parents looking to homeschool their children. Here you will learn about the basics, techniques and tips about home schooling your child.

It is the aim of to lay everything out in front of you so that when you start on this endeavor, you don’t have to spend countless frustrating hours researching and finding ways to homeschool.

It is also a place where personal experience will be shared as well as professional tips from veteran parents will be made available.

Home School Programs: Let Us Begin With The Fundamentals

You are making the right decision, congratulations! Home schooling is one of the most effective forms of learning for kids as well as for teenagers. This is an idea that has been followed by many parents that envision a brighter future for their kids. The proper monitoring of the growth of your child’s learning over time is the key to home school programs.

Many parents as well as responsible teenagers and young adults are actively looking for resources that can guide them in the endeavor of being home schooled.

The Decision to Home school

As a parent or someone who is deciding to take this course of action would generally have questions likes:

Am I cut out for this? Would I ruin my children’s future this way? Would my children be socially impaired if they study at home? Would I be able to give enough time? Is it expensive? What about the issues of legality?  Would my kid be accepted in the college?

Although, most of the fears regarding this mode of learning arise from myths, this idea is not necessarily the best option for all families. 

Know that home schooling parents are just like you. A great place to look for great information on homeschooling in United States would be at


Who likes TED Talks? – Here is one on homeschooling that tells the story of a 13 year old who quite school to start homeschool.

Logan Wants to be Happy and Healthy When He Grows Up, How Does He Plan On Doing This?

Joshua Steimle talks about how Homeschooling is the future of the education and why parents are the best educators in this Ted Talk

Learn whether universities out there are encouraging or discouraging homeschooling.

How to Start Homeschooling. Taking the First Steps

The first and foremost important is deciding whether you will have the time and energy to invest in your child’s learning all by yourself as a parent or a responsible adult. You have to have a watchful eye on your child’s learning as you as a parent would be directly responsible for his/her future.

You need to figure out how whether homeschooling is legal in your country or in your state. In United States different states have different rules and regulation considering home schooling. Some states require standardized tests, other do not. Some states require an evaluation of child’s education to be carried out by a qualified professional others have varying assessment criteria.

Then you need to decide upon the type of approach you want to implement in your child’s learning. Next, you need to join a community or a forum where veteran homeschooling parents can give guidance, share success stories, talk about various home school programs or talk about issues and solutions in general.


The Ultimate List of Homeschooling Resources

From Making the Decision to Helping You Finding Home School Programs

This Guide Will Cover You

Homeschooling 101
Planning Guides
Curriculum Guides
Homeschool Programs
Socialization Aspect
Groups and Forums
Resources & References


Homeschooling 101: The Basics

Brief History of Homeschooling: Who were the pioneers of modern homeschooling? You can find out in this article.

 What is Homeschooling? This article talks about the very basics and th- e essence of homeschooling. It highlights what Homeschooling means for children as well as parents.

Homeschooling Pros and ConsLearn about several advantages and disadvantages of this mode of education. This article should help you in making the right decision.

– Homeschool vs Public School: Pros and ConsHow does homeschool compare with the public school. Learn about stories of both sides. This should help you in making the right decision.

How to Homeschool Your Child: Again, this article shows the very basic of information on how to begin on this journey. Shares information on how to check the legality of homeschooling in your state to how to prepare the right environment.

What are Home Schooling Requirements?: Learn more about legal requirements, qualification requirement and curriculum requirement for homeschooling your child.

How Much Does Home School Cost? Have a read at a sample breakdown of all the kinds of costs that you will incur and see if it is feasible for you.

Why Homeschool? This is what it all boils down. It is a question you as a parent would ask. What are the outcomes and goals that you are willing to seek or achieve from homeschooling. Learn more about them.


Planning Guides

Planning Homeschool for Your ChildLearn about motivating yourself and then subsequently how to plan out home school for your child. Learn about what factors go into planning like subjects, goals, supplies and course of study.

– How to Plan a Homeschool Schedule? The importance of planning a proper homeschool schedule cannot be stressed enough. It can save you time and a lot of hassle in the long learn. Learn about some of the tips and techniques as well as benefits of planning the right schedule.

– Brief on Different Homeschooling Methods to TryOne of the many advantages of homeschooling is the flexibility in the different approaches that you can try. Learn about some of the famous approaches there are and perhaps you can mix them up to form a customized method.

11 Must Homeschool Supplies to Get: So if you have already started homeschooling, these are the supplies that you will need definitely. Its better to have them stocked up so they are available when you need them.



Curriculum Guides

Deciding on the Right Home School Curriculum: This is what it all boils down to: what kind of subjects do you want your kid to learn. Do you want to make your own curriculum or follow some of the already available ones? You can find more about that in this article.

Homeschooling Multiple Ages and Multiple KidsHomeschooling multiple kids can be a daunting task. Perhaps you will learn something useful from this article that can come in handy.

– Guide to Preschool Homeschool Curriculum: Learn about what aspects are important to consider before deciding a curriculum for a Preschooler. Academics alone would not suffice for a Preschooler. Learn about what you can incorporate into their studies.

Guide to Elementary Homeschool CurriculumDo you have a kid just starting out in elementary? Or perhaps you have just switched your kid from public school to homeschool. In any case, this guide should help you in preparing a curriculum for your kid in elementary school.

Guide to Middleschool Homeschool CurriculumHomeschooling a middle school kid can be a bit tough. They need to be taught self discipline along with academics. The middle school homeschool curriculum comprises of essential subjects like Maths, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

– Guide to Highschool Homeschool CurriculumYou can follow this guide and easily find out the best high school homeschooling program that fits your kids. Choose wisely!

Guide to Christian Homeschool Bible Curriculum: If your objective now is to put your days in building connections and creating character, which have unceasing quality, choose from among these schools to nurturre your child.


Homeschool Programs

– List of Accredited Home School Programs: Many parents want to follow an accredited and proven homeschool program. Accreditation goes along way in recognizing your kids academics prowess in the future. Discover a list of great accredited home school programs out there.

– List of Free Online Home SchoolFree online home schooling, if planned properly, can give your child the best quality education at not cost at all. You can save up that money for his/her college or perhaps for planning vacation. Learn about some of the famous free online programs out there.

– List of Top Rated HomeschoolsThese homeschools have been rated as some the best and top rated across the board and have been mentioned across several websites on the internet. You should not be making a wrong decision if you choose to opt for any one of these.

– List of Christian Homeschool: One of the reasons parents opt for homeschool is to instill not only worldly knowledge, but also a deep understanding of their faith. This article lists a few top rated christian home school programs available out there.

– List of Secular Homeschool ProgramsParents who want their kids to grow up as free thinkers and choose their own paths, this is a list for you then.



Socialization Aspect

– Balance in Homeschooling and Socialization To beat the issue of socialization, you have to find the right balance. This article has some useful information on this topic.

– Homeschooling Social Skills Development Busting the socialization myth and learn about the techniques that you can use to develop social skills in our homeschooler.

– List of Social Activities for Homeschoolers There are many activities that homeschooling kids and parents can do as a family or with a group. Here is a list of a few that are popular.


Groups and Forums

What is a Homeschool Co op? Learn about the basic definition of homeschooling co-op and also tips on how to start it.

 List of Online Homeschool Groups and Forums: Finding yourself alone in the endeavor to search for answers relating to homeschool? This list should help you reach the spots where you can ask for help and get all your questions answered.

 List of Homeschool Co Op Groups and Techniques: Learn about the basic techniques designed for homeshooling Co Op Groups.


Resources and References

– How to Calculate Grade Point Average for Homeschoolers

– Website for Homeschoolers 

– Videos to Watch

Home Schooled Child’s Future

This article by Wayne Allyn Root on should put most of your fears at rest. He tells the story of his daughter who had been home-schooled and ended up in Harvard where she earned straight A’s. Now this may sound like a cherry picked example; however, the writer goes on to tell some interesting statistics..

Furthermore, according to National Home Education Research Institute, home-educated children score anywhere between 15-30 percentile points higher than those from public-school backgrounds. They also score higher on standardized tests such as SAT. This institution also confirms that parents do not have to be professionally certified teachers for their children’s academic success.