Chapter 4: 

List of Free Online Home School

With Homeschooling gaining a lot of popularity in the present day due its flexibility, exclusiveness and budget friendliness, more and more are looking for free online home school. Unlike traditional schools, students can learn from their home without spending any cash through these programs.

Although these schools focus on individual learning, they provide all the facilities that a normal public or private school offers such as a effective curriculum, different learning styles, an administrative support, proper assessments such as quizzes and tests, accountability and a efficient structure for learning. All the free online homeschool programs are full time but with the only difference that the students can learn from any part of the world.

Some of the advantages of a free online home school program include

  • A free education
  • Guidance from certified teachers through online video streaming or through DVD’s
  • Students can learn from any place that has a internet connection
  • The facility to customize the lessons and curriculum as per individual needs
  • Learning through online and offline educational tools in the form of CD’s, videos, textbooks, worksheets etc
  • Becoming a part of a huge learning community and being able to interact and discuss with them
  • Enjoy all the extracurricular activities through clubs and other programs

Some of the popular free online homeschool programs include

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool

Easy Peasy All-in-One HomeschoolEasy Peasy is a fabulous free online home school curriculum meant for students in preschool to high school. This program was started by Lee Giles. She keeps on modifying the homeschool program with every additional course plan that she finishes. The easy peasy website is set on a blog platform. It is a very spectacular website which is easy to navigate. You can get all the help for resolving your queries. This program is a blend of the traditional and the Charlotte Mason system of teaching and learning.

The program incorporates

  • Books
  • Pictures
  • Narration
  • Activities
  • Other online courses

This program is a mix of traditional and the modern teaching methods. Everyday lesson plans include math, reading, language and arts. Links to various learning materials are provided online. This program is very user-friendly. Parents and students will find it very easy to navigate and operate. All you require for the program are a computer, internet connection, crayons, book and pencils and pen.


k12K12 is one of the most determined and motivate online homeschool. It makes the effort to use the internet technology to make homeschooling much more comfortable and convenient. This program also combines the traditional offline study materials such as books, texts etc with the internet based instruction videos and assessment to deliver a world-class educational program for no cost.

K12’s homeschool curriculum is based on a concrete and tough academic instruction, designed using innovative techniques. The entire curriculum has been designed by a team of experienced and knowledgeable teachers and other educational experts along with the valuable inputs from parents. This program lays a strong emphasis on developing reading and math skills, along with ensuring a cultural literacy, knowledge of history, arts and geography.

The program provides different activities for assisting the different learning styles of children. Most of the teaching is done online. The offline works include doing projects, worksheets, drawing, colouring, singing, experiments, locating places on maps etc.

Connections Academy

free online home schoolConnections Academy is an accredited online free homeschool program offered in many states for children in grades K-12. Connection Academy offers independent study program for students which allows them to work at their own pace. The school provides live online classes and lesson plans for a wide range of courses for different levels of students. This includes the honour students and students who need extra help in learning and understanding courses. The Connections Academy courses are flexible enough to allow students to learn at their own pace at the same time prevents them from straying away from the course plan. Students and their parents can interact with other families and teachers through special events, field trips and meetings.

Once enrolled, your child will receive all the text books and other study materials absolutely free. Parents can then involve in their child’s learning program as guides or coaches and work with the teachers to create a customized learning program for their children. Connections Academy also provides an online private tutoring option for a fee.

Ambleside Online

free online homeschoolThe Ambleside Online homeschool program follows the Charlotte Mason methods. Parents are given access to the kids’ curriculum guides, list of books and the online books for the individual and particular grade level, from kindergarten all the way up to twelfth grade. Observance of the schedule is completely optional as it has been made to give you an idea about the amount of reading that is needed for a student. There is no need to register with Ambleside Online to use their study materials online. However, this homeschool program does not include a preschool phonics program, a foreign language program or a math program.

The resources available on the Ambleside Online are in the following areas of studies –

  • Geography
  • Bible study
  • History
  • Nature study
  • Art Studies
  • Composer study
  • Folk songs and hymns

Free World U

online free home schoolYou will find homeschool curriculum for the grades between preschool to 12th grade. They do not follow the conventional methods but instead have adopted improved modern learning methods to promote quick and easy learning. You can enrol your child anytime during the year.

Lessons are taught through flashcards where simple facts are displayed and the students will have to mark them as right or wrong. You can then categorize them into learned and unlearned sections. Around 20,000 flashcards are available at Free World U and new ones are added often.

Students can learn on their own using these flashcards. Otherwise you also have the option of enrolling for the accredited program. The accredited program provides student assessments and project learning.

With more parents moving away from the traditional schooling, new free online home school programs are being introduced every day. Enrol your child with a reputed online homeschool program and save resources on the on campus schooling.