Chapter 1: Homeschooling Pros and Cons

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This is a very quick list of pros and cons and should give you key points just at a glance. This is not a detailed article.

– The article on Get Rich Slowly has some information on Pros and Cons of homeschooling, but it has a very good discussion going in the comments that is worth checking out.

Isabel Shaw is a mother sharing her views on the benefits and disadvantages of homeschooling. Worth reading.

– A must podcast to listen to. Host Michel Martin interviews parents on this topic. The entire interview is 17:49 minutes.

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Homeschooling is trending at the moment and that is mostly because many parents are starting to realize that the pros of getting homeschooled outweigh the cons. One of the biggest trend in the academics that we see often is that students coming from home education background tend to out perform their school going counterparts in standardized tests. This article aims to provide a set homeschooling pros and cons in an effort to make it easier for you to decide.

Whether the cons out weigh the pros or vice versa is for you to decide. Remember these are only general points. In the end, only you are the better judge of what the advantages of homeschooling are.

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Educational Control: You have complete control over the what your kid gets to learn. You can embed exactly the types of values you want. You can choose an approach and try out different styles of learning to cater to your kid’s exact needs. Your kids would not have to worry about keeping pace with the rest of the class. If they do not grasp something, they can take as long as they want to fully understand it. On the other hand, if your kid is picking up the pace with his/her studies very fast, then he/she would not have to be constrained by the rest of the class. The one on one nature of teaching means that your kid is getting 100% of the attention.

Family Relationship: This is one of the biggest advantages of homeschooling. Many families report that their kid grow up to be more respectful, calm, peaceful and a lot more understanding in terms of family affairs. You can help and guide your children through difficult phases of their life and help them mature more easily and joyfully.

Emotionally At Peace: Your kids would not have to go through the negative pressures that hamper their growth such as bullying, peer pressure, competition etc. Stresses like these can greatly damage the self-esteem of the kids. Many kids find it difficult to handle the educational pressures as well as the emotional pressures at the same time at school. Therefore, having the emotional side cleared of any pressures can improve their learning.

No Physical Constraints: Your kids are no longer bound by the hours of school. They can rest as much as they want, study whenever they want (as long as they complete what is due) and play whenever they want. Families can enjoy vacation and time together without having to worry about skipping school days.

Religion and Moral Belief: This is yet another important advantages of homeschooling. At school kids are presented with several ideas that may not be in line with your religious or moral beliefs. Sometimes the kids, due to peer pressure, start accepting some of the beliefs that are not true to your family values. With the case of homeshooling, you get an opportunity to closely monitor and embed the types of values that are true to your tradition and religious beliefs.

Honing your Children’s Natural Skills: If your kid is great at computers for example, then you can provide him/her with a platform to learn all he/she can for as long as he/she wants. If he/she is good at a certain sports, you can encourage him/her to join a certain club. You can guide and facilitate in helping your kid thrive in his/her natural talent.

Faster Pace: The attention paid to a single kid in classroom environment is not nearly as much as it is paid on a one on one setting in homeschool environment. Therefore, your child can accomplish the task and cover the curriculum at a much quicker pace than their school going counterparts. In return, you as a family can get a lot of free time to spare on various activities.

There are many other homeshcooling benefits; however, for now, let us look at some of the cons surround home education.

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Yes, there most certainly are potential dangers involved with homeschooling. Therefore, as a parent you need to pay attention to both homeschooling pros and cons before making the decision to head on this journey.

Time Consuming: You could be investing a lot of time researching and planning the course for your kid. This is something that is traditionally done by teachers. However, now this burden falls on your shoulder. If you with your kid decide to join activities outside your home, then you need to drive him/her around. Spending time on things like these mean you have little time for yourself.

Finances: This is yet another drawback of homeschooling. First of all, one of the parents would definitely have to forfeit the job in order to give 100% attention to the kids. This means less family income. Secondly, in many countries and states public schools are free with free facilities for teaching. With homeschooling, you will need to invest in the physical equipment required to teach your kids as well.

Procrastination and Lack of Punctuality: with schools, students have a looming fear of teachers over their heads and also the fear of being shamed in front of the class for not performing well. In the homeschool environments, kids can loose the sense of punctuality and learn to procrastinate as their is no fear of deadlines.

Limited Socializing: This is one of the cons that puts many parents off from the idea of homeschooling. Staying at home most of the time and not interacting with people can potentially damage your kid’s communication and people skills. Furthermore, the lack of sports opportunities can make him/her lazy. The best remedy to this is to actively make sure that your kid joins local sporting clubs and other clubs where he/she can socialize.

Negative Comments: Yes, you will hear a lot of people discourage you and sometimes even go to the extent of taunting you for deciding to homeschool your child. Not only you, but your child may also feel out of place. You can remedy this by joining communities of parents that homeschool your children just like you. This way you will find a source of encouragement, but your kid will also feel as if he/she is not the odd one out in the society.

This concludes the list of the homeschooling pros and cons. Again, it is important to weigh them beforehand rather than starting the journey first and later finding out that you underestimated the cons.

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