Chapter 1: How Much Does Homeschool Cost?

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– gives a bird eye over the cost of homeschooling in this article.

– Money Crasher talk about the different costs that you would incur if you choose to homeschool. information.

Sun Bae also gives us different aspects of homeschooling costs. She talks about financial assistance as well as Tax assistance.

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Homeschooling in all reality does not cost much. It does cost more than a public school, but the quality of education that you can achieve is same as that of a private school. Yet, home education cost is nothing compared to that of a private school.

However, you could lose a lot of income if you are not a single income family. Home schooling almost always demands that one of parents give the children a bulk of his/her time. Although home school cost is not too high, the fact that one of the parents would have to lay off from the their job means less overall income for the family.

If you are single-income family, then you can expect to spend about a $1,000 per year per child (occasionally more). This cost is actually a very lose estimation because it depends on a lot of factors. We will have a look at all these factors here.

Curriculum/Program Choice

You can choose to go all out and spend extravagantly on buying all kinds of books. In that sense, homeschooling can definitely cost you much. However, if you want to save up, you will have to be smart.

You can seek out people, shops, and friends etc for getting used book or perhaps purchasing from them for cheap. You can invest in a library membership and check out books from there. Another way to keep things simple and cheap is to get kits such as Grade 1 Child Kitfrom ‘A Beka Book’. These would cost you about $300 for all the material that you need.

You can then invest in supplementary materials like software, reading material and even physical material, if need be.

If you choose to invest in online homeschools such as or correspond with school, things will get quite expensive. Your cost could go beyond a $1,000, but still much less than a private school.


You will have to spend in your child’s physical health, this includes giving him/her the platform to socialize. This would require you to get him/her a membership or equipment that he/she will need to participate with. This can cost you about $100 a year. It can go significantly higher depending on the what kind of talent your seeks to pursue. For example, private music coaching can cost a lot.

Testing Fees

Depending on the state of your residence, testing can cost from $25-$50. You can either have the test be conducted in a public school, have standardized test or hire someone professional to conduct the test.


Pencils, erasers, files etc you will have to spend on almost everything. Usually these costs are incurred by the schools. However, with homeschooling, you will have to spend on all these materials yourself.

Other Costs

Additional home school cost can includes resources other than study materials such as game books, novels, and even a good internet access. Even more, unforeseen factor could be a added to your annual cost for your kid’s study at home.

As a parent, you will also need to educate yourself on how to educate your child. This would include investing on resources for yourself including books and guides etc.

You would also have to go for an annual convention in your state which can cost you about $400 in total including accommodation and registration.

Some Additional Notes

Most of the things that you purchase will probably be just one time and you will be able to re use them. This is especially true if you plan to have a small home library. Some of the supplies can also be used over and over such as as files, calculators, scissors etc. Other than that, you can also sell of the material and earn some of the cash back after you find that the material has served its purpose.

You can also use the same study material for your younger kids or students. If you feel charitable you can also hand over the material to others.

So how much does home school cost in total? If you are smart, you can squeeze all of the material that you ever need in sub $800 per year per child. However, it would be reasonable to say that home education can cost anywhere between $1,000 to $1,500.

You would also have to go for an annual convention in your state which can cost you about $400 in total including accommodation and registration.

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