Chapter 4: 

List of Accredited Home School Programs 

Every parent needs to follow one of the accredited home school programs of a reliable and authentic agency which has been approved by the particular State’s Education Department.

The significance of following a government accredited homeschool program is that the student will get a school number which can be used for various entrance exams such as for college entrance or for the defence entrances. These school numbers are also required for obtaining various financial aids. These accredited programs are also beneficial if the students want to pursue on campus schooling since they will receive the required credits.

Some of the accrediting agencies approved by the all the States include

  • SACS
  • NCA
  • WASC
  • Advanc-Ed

Accredited homeschool programs offer all the study materials that is normally offered by other public and private schools. Children who follow an accredited homeschool program learn through online classes for which a computer is necessary. Some programs also offer offline study materials such as textbooks. Some programs offer both online and offline teaching. Most of them include videos. In short an accredited homeschool program is very similar to a long distance education program. The greatest advantage of such programs is that students can be taught in diverse ways which will be very interesting for them.

Here is the list of a few accredited home school programs

Bridgeway Academy

accredited home school programsIf you are looking for one of the fair and reliable accredited home school programs then Bridgeway Academy is a great option. It offers learning program for kids in Kindergarten to kids in grade 12.  It creates a wonderful learning ambience that brings out the best in students through assignments, tests and quizzes. The greatest challenge of homeschooling is to keep the students engaged. Bridgeway academy follows very creative and innovative teaching methods which keep the students engaged and involved in the learning process. This homeschool program makes use of different types of lecture delivery to create a deeper learning prospect for you little ones.

In addition to imparting education to your boys and girls, the Bridgeway Academy maintains student-advisor and parent-advisor relationships through periodic online and offline communications including phone calls, feedbacks, weekly newsletters etc.

The parents can log-in to the program to monitor their child’s academic progression. They can also participate in parent student quizzes or help the children in test preparation. Another striking advantage of the Bridgeway Academy is that they offer an extensive range of learning options for students. In short the Bridgeway Academy is a brilliant choice for parents who want a accredited homeschool program for their children.

A Beka Academy

accredited homeschool programsA Beka Academy provides homeschool program from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. They provide all the study materials. Students can also enrol into their online academy and study using the streamed videos online along with the offline study materials. The A Beka Academy also provides DVDs of the classes. The A Beta Academy follows a conservative Christian approach in their teaching patterns. They follow a very traditional path and focus on teaching through practicing, repeating and memorising. Teaching is done through direct instructions and students learn through worksheet exercises and oral answering.

The older students can opt for independent studying by using the A Beka courses. A couple of activities are also included in the A Beka course such as science experiments, arts and crafts. This homeschool program offers attractive and colourful study materials such as books and worksheets. Most of the books are paperback which makes them less expensive. They also provide the digital versions of the textbooks for those of you who want a durable option. The digital books include outstanding features for instance the links to engaging videos.

Forest Trail Academy

accredited homes school programThe Forest Trail Academy offers online homeschool programs from kindergartners to 12th graders. This program is very flexible and offers students the opportunity to allot time for different modules. This way, students can spend more time on areas that require improvement and stress less on the areas in which they are fluent. Presently about 50 courses are provided by Forest trail online courses along with 9 AP offerings. Students and parents can customize each curriculum and make the best use of the homeschool program. They can include or remove subjects as they desire. Presently they charge $2,950 per grade.

Laurel Springs

laurel springThe Laurel Springs is an online school which was founded in 1991. They have an extensive course offering. The school was accredited by AdvanceEd, the the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). Students can interact with each other and share or discuss about projects and assignments through the various online clubs. Regional social events such as proms and graduations are also organized. Laurel Springs also allows its students to make use of Honours and AP courses through its Gifted Academy. It also provides students the opportunity to perform research projects. The academy focuses on developing creative thinking and critical analysing. They also have a virtual open house. This lets students, teachers and parents interact with each other. They can also make use of this opportunity to make queries and clear doubts.

Connections Academy

connections academyConnections Academy is an accredited online homeschool program offered in many states for children in grades K-12. Connection Academy offers independent study program for students which allows them to work at their own pace. The school provides live online classes and lesson plans for a wide range of courses for different levels of students. This includes the honour students and students who need extra help in learning and understanding courses. The Connections Academy courses are flexible enough to allow students to learn at their own pace at the same time prevents them from straying away from the course plan. Students and their parents can interact with other families and teachers through special events, field trips and meetings.

Choosing an accredited homeschool program helps students pick the right courses and get the right study resources which have been approved by a government body.