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Chapter 2: Planning Homeschool for Your Child

Resource List

– A huge resource for all the moms struggling in planning. This resource has several links and videos of mom’s teaching how to plan your homeschool.

Heather is a homeschooling mom who in this article talks comprehensively on how to plan an entire year of homeschool.

– 10 Steps For Planning Your Homeschool Year gives step by step guide on how to plan a homeschool year.

– The 5 Days of Scheduling Your Entire Homeschool Year takes you on a journey where mom of five plans the entire year of homeshool in just 5 days.

Videos to Watch

Homeschooling is also termed as home education which is often opted for educating children at home, and is completely different from the formal public or private school. Home education is often imparted by the parent or a tutor. For individuals or families who opt for homeschooling, they eventually tend to choose more informal ways of imparting education and also look for more effective ways in which knowledge can be shared with the child. However, before the decision of setting up a homeschool is taken it is important to follow some of the critical steps in planning homeschool for better effect.

Motivations for beginning with a homeschool

Parents often opt for homeschooling of their children because of two options i.e.;

  1. Dissatisfaction from the local schools: Parents are almost dissatisfied of the school environment, the quality of education which is offered to their students and most importantly they are not able to place trust on the schools for granting education to children.
  2. Parents increased interest and involvement in the education of children motivates them to opt for homeschool and which is why they begin planning homeschool for children. These parents want to have greater control over what their children are taught in the schools and what kind of aptitudes they should learn and possess. Such parents are also quite impressed with different educational philosophies which seem to be more beneficial for their children and this makes them think of educating their child with homeschools.

Subjects and Goals

This is one of the easiest steps, which almost every person deciding to begin with a homeschool will be aware of. It is good to check with your state laws, which shall help you find out what kind of subjects are required and should be added in the curriculum. The list finalized, is always open for amendments just to ensure that the best is added however it is important to include some of the basic subjects i.e. Math, Language, arts, history, social science, science etc.

Decide the Books and Supplies

Once the list of subjects has been finalized, then the second step is to choose the books from which knowledge of specified subjects can be gained. This decision might turn out to be one of the best decisions for you, however at times it can be not that great. Your mind would be confused between different options i.e. how to get your books? Whether to opt for online or offline method of studying or a mixture of both of them? While you have taken the decision of choosing online books, it allows you to have a look at the books at a glance and moreover the books are available here at good prices.

If in case any of your friends, is also having a homeschool then it would be a good idea to have a look at their books. This would help you take the right decision and thus purchase the best set of books which would be helpful for you to study.

Choice of books can be done by following any of the two paths i.e. grade level of purpose guided or eclectic.

  1. Grade level: if you are following this path, then probably you can make choice of the books on the basis of your children grade. But this path does not seem to be a feasible one, especially when you have taken out your child from regular schooling. Nevertheless you can think that first year of homeschooling is going to be bumpier than the coming years.
  2. Eclectic: This path is a mixture of meeting the needs and interests of your child, wherein your child can gain knowledge and also do something which meets his interest. Most of the parents opt for homeschooling, because of the fact that their children have different areas of interest which would be hampered if he/she continues to go for homeschooling. Herein parents might decide to use books from different publishers which are usually not followed in the schools or is different from the regular curriculum.

Course of Study

Course of study can be also termed as record keeping, i.e. it maintains record of what all education has been granted to the children. It gives you an option to look back and see what has been done. This can be done every year, since you began the homeschool for your children. So, each year record the course of study and file it for records of your children.

Course of study, is basically the list of subjects and books your child has referred to gain education. Following steps can be followed for forming a course of study;

  1. Course of study can be framed by mentioning the grade of your child, and along with it putting details of books, subjects and other relevant details.
  2. Course of study form should have essentially the name of child, school year and grade. If this course of study in the right way, then it can be of use to other people who are also thinking or planning homeschool for their child.
  3. Parents might be preparing the course form of their children every school, but a 4 year high school course of study should be made before it actually begins. This fact might make you feel a bit nervous, but believe me it is not a difficult thing to do.

Make a Homeschool Planner

Making a planner is an optional yet the most recommended thing to do. There are some basic purposes because of which this planner is recommended, as it helps in maintaining and recording the educational activities and achievements which have been undertaken in the years of homeschooling.

The above mentioned are some of the simple steps which can be followed while planning homeschool for your child. Apart from this, individuals can also refer to internet which shall give them different ideas of how this homeschooling can be made better and effective for the child. Moreover, references and feedbacks of parents already running the homeschool can be taken who shall give an idea of how the best homeschool can be set up for children, which will be helpful for them to gain education and also face the tough competition in the professional world.