Chapter 1: Why Homeschool

5 Good Reasons

Resource List

– This Infographic on explains in number how homeschooled students compared with their public schooled counterparts.

– has an interesting look at homeschool vs public school. It compares the environment and the curriculum.

– For statistical information on the performance of homeschooled kids, visit the National Home Education Research Institute site.

Videos to Watch

Must Watch

This Ted Talk has some great lessons as to why homeschooling is the future and how homeschooling could be next biggest change in education system.

Why homeschool when you can use your time and invest in something else? Well, to many parents, absolute control over education of their children is quite important. For others the reason to homeschool heavily relies on the type of their belief system, their job occupation and their disposition and attitude toward public schools.

1. Conflict With Your Faith

One of the biggest reasons why homeschool is the way to go for parents is so that their children do not get embedded with radical ideas that do not coincide with your faith. Religious families coming from Christian, Jewish, Muslim etc subsets prefer homeschool if their local public does not cater to their beliefs.

If the outcome that you seek is for your child to grow faithful, then home education is an obvious quality option.

2. You Move A Lot

Families that move a lot, such as military families will benefit a lot from teaching their kids at home. This way, you can reduce the stress that a child might face in adjusting and readjusting to different environments at different schools.

However, moving to different states itself can be problem for homeschoolers. Each state has different laws about home school. You have to abide by the laws of the state that you are currently residing in. Read more about the legality of homeschools.

Even the qualification standard for parents differs from state to state. For example some states would require parents to have a minimum qualification to certain grade level, while others would not.

If your goal as a parent is to prevent your child from having a turbulent time in changing from schools to schools as you move, then homeschooling is a good option.

3. Social / Skill Growing Opportunities

This applies to both kids and the parents. Usually kids coming from home education background are considered anti social; however, that is far from reality. Homeschooled kids can definitely spend time at their convenience to join local sports clubs, and attend dedicated courses designed to uplift their talents such as music courses.

Therefore, often times parents that seek for their child to excel in his/her latent talent opt for schooling, so that the kid may spend more time growing his/her skills.

Learn about how to unlock your kid’s latent learning.

4. The Time is Yours

You have absolute control over the time. You are no longer bound by the set hours of a school. You can take a break or a vacation whenever you see fit. You can set the paces of the study at your and your kid’s convenience.

Many parents find homeschooling to be a lot more fun as compared to public or private schools.

Your kid has no restriction over the grade level. If he/she is great at maths, you can quickly cover the entire curriculum for that particular subject. If he/she is weak at history, then you can dedicate more time to that. You will not have any fear of your kid falling behind.

Freedom of having to do whatever you want, whenever you want sometimes drives parents to choose homeschooling.

5. More time With Your Kid

This is another big reason why homeschool is beneficial. Parents can spends a lot more time with their kids. They can help them out through turbulent times. They can understand them better and they can always be their whenever a child feels like he/she needs a hug.

Children can learn closely about their family belief systems and traditions by spending a time with their parents. They can get educated about their faith at a much better level.

As a parent you will be the first to witness when your child excels or achieves something. You will be their to share and cherish of their moments and help them out through their worse.

Why homeschool